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The "Oculoplastic Academy" website is improving with a new web dedicated server to enable the addition of new videos and pratical content .
We apologise for the dysfunction that occurs during this transformation. 
The accounts have been reactivated and it is now possible again to log to the website with the initial login and password for people who had already an account. 
As this first registration was available only for one year, your acces today is for the free part of the website.

You can access to the full content by using the "change your offer" button, with a cost of 25 € per year.

This is the lowest amount needed for financing the website as it is a free creation without any subsidy or advertising income.

48 videos with an english translation  discribe the oculoplastic complications you could have to face in your own practice. Several conferences from very qualified surgeons suggest the best way to avoid them.

Dr Pierre ESCALAS 






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Publish 05 March 2017

Publish 05 March 2017

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